Patrick Swayze

A Chinese Astrological Perspective; Written by Jin Peh
Patrick Swayze 18th August 1952 0810 hours

Hour Day Month Year
Yang Water Yang Fire Yang Earth Yang Water
Dragon Monkey Monkey Dragon

Date of Death 14th September 2009

Yang Water Yang Water Yin Earth
Dog Monkey Ok

Luck Cycles

57 47 37 27 17 7
Yang Wood Yin Water Yang Water Yin Metal Yang Metal Yin Earth
  Ox Rat Pig Dog Rooster

The strongest element in Patrick Swayze’s chart is water: the monkey and dragon in the month and year pillars combine as do the dragon and monkey in the hour and day pillars. In addition, there is Yang Water present in both the hour and year pillars. The main issue within the chart is the presence of Yang Earth in the month pillar, which threatens to interfere with the flow of the dominant element water. However, there is no fire or wood present apart from the Yang Fire day stem, which makes this chart one that follows the power element water.

Patrick Swayze’s best elements are:
1)      Water: the power element is the dominant flow in his chart and thus one should go with its flow.
2)      Metal: the wealth element strengthens the power element.

Patrick Swayze’s negative elements are:
1)      Earth: the output element stops the flow of water, the dominant element.
2)      Fire: this is his original element and should be kept suppressed.
3)      Wood: the resource element strengthens the original self element, which should be kept under control.

Patrick Swayze first gained attention in Hollywood for his role in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of the S.E. Hinton novel The Outsiders in 1983 (Water Pig) during the favourable Yin Metal luck cycle (1979 to 1984). The film featured a number of then young Hollywood up and comers, including Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe. Swayze’s momentum continued the following year (1984 Wood Rat), when the rat completed the three harmony water formation within his chart to establish the dominant flow of water. He appeared in the action film Red Dawn, which focused on a group of high school students fighting against Russian and Latin American invaders. He also appeared in Grandview USA, a family drama that also starred Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Pig luck cycle was next (1984 to 1989) and it also contained the favourable water element. Swayze would score a major triumph in the US Civil War television miniseries North and South (1985 Wood Ox) and its sequel North and South, Book II (1986 Fire Tiger). He also reunited with Rob Lowe in the ice hockey drama Youngblood that year. The tiger year clashed with the monkey present in his day and month pillars and Swayze injured his knee that year while filming a scene for the movie Dirty Dancing, which required medical attention to drain fluid from the injured knee. In the second half of 1987 (Fire Rabbit), Dirty Dancing, a coming of age romance, became a late summer hit and ended up becoming one of the year’s top grossing movies. The two leads, Swayze and Jennifer Grey, impressed audiences with their chemistry and dance sequences and Swayze also earned his first Golden Globe nomination as Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. As the success of Dirty Dancing carried over to 1988 (Earth Dragon), a song that Swayze had recorded for the soundtrack album, She’s Like The Wind, became a major worldwide hit and also reached number 3 on the US singles charts. The next few movies that Swayze appeared in after Dirty Dancing, such as Steel Dawn (a futuristic apocalyptic action movie), Tiger Warsaw  (a family drama) and Next of Kin (a revenge action thriller that also starred Liam Neeson) did not perform well. However, the action movie Road House (1989 Earth Snake), where Swayze played a bouncer at a nightclub that protects a small Missouri town from a corrupt businessman played by Ben Gazzara became a cult hit, even though it earned Swayze a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor.

The highly favourable Yang Water luck cycle was next (1989 to 1994) and Swayze achieved the peak of his career with his most successful movie: the supernatural romantic drama Ghost (1990 Metal Horse) in which he played a man who returns from the dead to ensure that his fiancé Demi Moore is protected. Not only did Ghost gross more than US 500 million worldwide, Swayze also earned another Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. In 1991 (Metal Sheep), with the positive metal element present in the first half, Swayze appeared in the cult action movie Point Break, playing a surfer and leader of a bank robbery gang pursued by FBI agent Keanu Reeves. The strong water present in the following year (1992 Water Monkey) would see Swayze portray a disillusioned doctor who discovers a new lease of life in the Calcutta slums in Roland Joffe’s City of Joy.  The 1993 (Water Rooster) comedy Father Hood was not as successful, though he did co-star with Halle Berry.

Even though the Rat luck cycle (1994 to 1999) completed the flow of water in Swayze’s chart, he suffered a personal tragedy in 1994 (Wood Dog), a year with strong earth energy, when his sister committed suicide through a drug overdose. As a result, he sought treatment for alcoholism and upon recovery, retired to his ranches in California and New Mexico to raise Arabian horses. In 1995 (Wood Pig), two family comedies that he starred in were released: the Walt Disney western Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill and Three Wishes, both of which did not perform well commercially. The comedy To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, where Swayze played against type as a drag queen on a road trip of the US, fared better commercially and critically, earning him his third and final Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. In 1998 (Earth Tiger), when the year clashed with the monkeys present in his day and month pillars, Swayze suffered serious injuries when filming HBO’s Letters From A Killer: he fell from a horse and broke both his legs and severed four tendons in his shoulder. Filming was suspended for two months and the film aired in 1999 (Earth Rabbit).

The Yin Water luck cycle (1999 to 2004) also contained the favourable water element.  In 2001 (Metal Snake), he played a motivational speaker revealed to be a closet paedophile in the cult classic Donnie Darko, which also starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Drew Barrymore. The romantic hillbilly comedy Waking Up In Reno (2002 Water Horse) was not successful even though Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron and Natasha Richardson were his co-stars. The horse that year contained fire, his original self element. In 2004 (Wood Monkey), he made a lucrative cameo as a dance instructor in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, essentially a remake of the original movie transferred from upstate New York to Cuba.

The next luck cycle Ox (2004 to 2009) contained the undesirable earth element. In 2005 (Wood Rooster), when the rooster in the year combined with the ox in the luck cycle to form the positive metal element, Swayze portrayed a golf instructor in the British black comedy Keeping Mum, which also starred Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith. In late January 2008 (just before the change from the Fire Pig year to the Earth Rat year), Swayze was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. As he pursued chemotherapy in 2008, the rat year which combined with the two monkeys and two dragons in his chart, he appeared healthy and worked on two projects: the ensemble drama Power Blue and the television series The Beast, where he played a FBI agent for 13 episodes before the series was cancelled due to his declining health. In January 2009 (just before the Earth Rat year became the Earth Ox year), Swayze was hospitalized for pneumonia and in April 2009 (Earth Ox), it was revealed that the cancer had metastasized to his liver. Swayze died with family at his side on the 14th of September 2009. On that day, the Yang Water present in the day and month pillars were overwhelmed by the earth present in the year (Earth Ox), month (monkey) and day (dog).

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Cameron Diaz

A Chinese Astrological Perspective; Written by Jin Peh
Cameron Diaz 30th August 1972 0253 hours

Hour Day Month Year
Yin Water Yin Water Yang Earth Yang Water
Ox Snake Monkey Rabbit

Luck Cycles

57 47 37 27 17 7
Yang Water Yin Water Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire
Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Horse

The strongest element in Cameron Diaz’s chart is that of water: the monkey and rat in the month and year pillars combine to strengthen her Yin Water day self. In addition, the ox and snake in the hour and day pillars combine to form metal, which feeds further into the strength of water in the chart. The Yang Earth in the month pillar is not an issue as it combines with the Yin Water day self and it also offers some protection against the potential competition brought about by Yang Water in the year pillar. Thus, the chart is considered that of a dominant water chart.

Cameron Diaz’s best elements are:
1)      Metal: the resource element strengthens the flow of water in the chart.
2)      Wood: the output element allows a form of expression for the water element.

Cameron Diaz’s negative element is:
1)      Earth: the power element interferes with the flow of water.

Cameron Diaz’s mixed elements are:
1)      Water: while water may strengthen her self, it also may pose a threat by introducing more rivals.
2)      Fire: while the chart is sufficiently strong to benefit from the wealth element, there is the potential for clashes with the formation of water.

At the age of 16 (1988 Earth Dragon) during the Sheep luck cycle (1984 to 1989), Cameron Diaz signed up as a model with agency Elite Model Management. Throughout the Yang Fire luck cycle (1989 to 1994), Diaz modeled for clients like Levi’s and Calvin Klein. In 1990 (Metal Horse), with the positive metal energy present, she appeared on the cover of Seventeen. Towards the end of this cycle when she was 21 in 1993 (Water Rooster), she auditioned for a role in the Jim Carrey comedy The Mask, which became one of the top grossing films of 1994 (Wood Dog). Diaz’s performance as sultry lounge singer Tina Carlye made her a sex symbol and launched her acting career.

During the Horse luck cycle (1994 to 1999), Diaz initially focused on smaller, independent movies. In 1995 (Wood Pig), she appeared in the independent satire The Last Supper, about a group of liberal graduate students who invite right wing extremists to dinner in order to murder them. In the second half of 1996 (Fire Rat), Diaz was featured in three independent movies: the Edward Burns New York set family drama She’s The One (which also starred Jennifer Aniston), romantic comedy Feeling Minnesota with Keanu Reeves and Head Above Water, a remake of a Norwegian romantic thriller that also starred Harvey Keitel. Diaz then featured in a major box office hit the following year (1997 Fire Ox), when the ox combined with the snake in her day pillar to form the positive metal element. Romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding, which also featured Julia Robers and Rupert Everett, was one of the top 10 box office hits worldwide that year. She also starred with Ewan McGregor in Danny Boyle’s black comedy A Life Less Ordinary, a commercial and critical misfire. In 1998 (Earth Tiger), when the Yang Earth of the year combined with her Yin Water day self, she made a cameo in the cult film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas before making a big impression in the title role in There’s Something About Mary with Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon. Diaz would earn a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. Towards the end of the year, she also appeared in the black comedy Very Bad Things, which also starred Christian Slater.

During the Yin Wood luck cycle (1999 to 2004), Diaz’s career shifted into a higher gear. In the second half of 1999 (Earth Rabbit), she played John Cusack’s wife in the cult film Spike Jonze’s black comedy fantasy John Malkovich, which earned her critical acclaim and a Best Supporting Actress nomination by the Screen Actors Guild. Diaz also appeared in Oliver Stone’s football drama Any Given Sunday, where she was able to stand out in a cast that included Al Pacino, Charlton Heston and Dennis Quaid. In 2000 (Metal Dragon), when the dragon combined with the rat and monkey in her chart to complete the water harmony configuration, she headlined Charlie’s Angels with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. A worldwide hit, it grossed more than US250 million. The positive metal energy in 2001 (Metal Snake) saw her continue her streak: she voiced the character of Princess Fiona in the highly successful Dreamworks animation film Shrek, alongside Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. She also featured in Cameron Crowe’s remake of romantic science fiction thriller Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, a commercial success in spite of mixed reviews. 2002 (Water Horse) saw her headline the raunchy chick flick The Sweetest Thing with Christina Applegate and Selma Blair, a moderate success in spite of poor reviews. She ended the year playing opposite Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo di Caprio in Martin Scorsese’s period epic Gangs Of New York, which earned her another Golden Globe nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actress. The earth energy present in the second half of 2003 (Water Sheep) saw sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle perform well commercially in spite of scathing reviews. However, Diaz received a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress, as did co-star Drew Barrymore. The film would go on to win the Razzie for Worst Sequel or Remake and Worst Supporting Actress for co-star Demi Moore (who played a villain). The wood energy in 2004 (Wood Monkey) was kind to Diaz as sequel Shrek 2 performed well commercially and critically.

The Snake luck cycle (2004 to 2009) contained positive metal energy. In 2005 (Wood Rooster), Diaz appeared in the touching story of family relationships In Her Shoes with Toni Collette and Shirley Maclaine. She continued to appeal to female audiences with her next movie, the seasonal romance The Holiday (2006 Fire Dog) where she starred in alongside Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslett. 2007 (Fire Pig) and 2008 (Earth Rat) saw her maintain her standing in Hollywood with two high profile hits: Shrek the Third (where she once again provided the voice of Princess Fiona) and romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas, where she sparred with Ashton Kutcher. However, she was nominated once again for two Razzies for the latter role: Worst Actress and Worst Screen Couple. In 2009 (Earth Ox), Diaz played the role an overprotective mother to Abigail Breslin in My Sister’s Keeper, an adaptation of the Jodi Picoult novel, which also featured Alec Baldwin and Jason Patric. It was a commercial success with fair reviews. The earth energy of the year also saw her star in the commercially disappointing psychological thriller The Box with James Marsden, which may have proved too disturbing for most audiences.

Diaz is currently in another positive Yang Wood luck cycle (2009 to 2014). In 2010 (Metal Tiger), with the strong metal energy, Diaz provided her vocal talents to the final installment of the Shrek series, Shrek Forever After. However, as the tiger year clashed with the monkey in her month pillar in the second half of the year, Diaz also appeared in the expensive action vehicle Knight and Day opposite Tom Cruise, which underperformed in the US. At the start of 2011 (Metal Rabbit), with the strong metal energy in the first half, she played the love interest opposite Seth Rogen in the action superhero thriller The Green Hornet, which was able to overcome negative reviews to be a commercial success. Diaz fared better with the R-rated comedy romp Bad Teacher, which also starred Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake, where she brazenly played the controversial main character.

The strong water energy in the first half of 2012 (Water Dragon) will offer some competition for Diaz, but the year should improve for her in the second half. The first half of 2013 (Water Snake) will also offer some competition, with the strong metal energy in the second half providing more relief.

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